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I got a fabulous haircut, shave, and face treatment from Marion, who had the impeccable manners of a butler and the skills of Edward Scissorhands! I even botched my hair cutting it myself and Marion somehow made the goof-up disappear without giving me a military cut. He even trimmed off those gnarly ear, nose and eyebrow hairs that grow about the speed of sound. Meticulous! For the face treatment, I lost count of how many ointments and hot towels he put on my face!! I’ve never been so pampered in all my life! He spent two hours working on me! Too bad he doesn’t do back massages, too!



Marion gets it right every time. He’s very thorough and asks the right questions to make your hair look the way you want.

Jeff B.


Marion developed a method to cut our son's hair, who was 5 at the time and afraid of getting his hair cut. Marion made him his "assistant" and has our son hand him all the tools he needs. Marion gets the job done, the way you want it.

B & L Reber


Marion has been my barber for several years. He is a through and through professional. He cuts my hair perfectly every time.

D Johanson


Definitely I would recommend Mr King. He is exacting in his skill and patient with even the most demanding hair demands.